Renowned writer and influencer, Doris Hambleton, stands as a beacon of inspiration for millions of devoted followers, seamlessly blending effortless elegance and delicate femininity into the tapestry of her digital presence. Since the inception of her brand and website in 2016, Doris has dedicated herself to curating content that reflects her deep-seated passion for a romantic and well-lived life.

Originally hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Doris transcends the conventional boundaries of a beauty expert. Her digital platforms serve as a canvas where she artfully displays her personal style, ingenious beauty hacks, insightful home decor tips, candid moments of motherhood, and the wanderlust-inducing chronicles of her frequent travels. As a legacy creative, she has spent the past decade utilizing her voice to radiate positive inspiration throughout the digital sphere.

Collaborating seamlessly with her husband, the gifted photographer and creative force, Rickey Patterson, the power duo is unwaveringly confident in their identity as content creators. This unwavering commitment to authenticity resonates through every piece of content they share with the world. Beyond being life partners, Doris and Rickey are creative counterparts, having collectively contributed their talents as creative directors, filmmakers, designers, writers, and photographers in the luxury fashion, beauty, and travel industries for over fifteen years. While Doris narrates stories through her words, Rickey captures the essence through his lens – a dynamic blend of visionary and executor.

In May 2023, Doris Hambleton ventured into the realm of design, adding another facet to her multifaceted career. Teaming up with New York-based jewelry designer Kirsten Dozier, she launched her first capsule collection. The eight-piece collection, a testament to her distinctive aesthetic, sold out instantly, marking a triumphant debut in the world of design. Following this success, in September 2023, Doris unveiled yet another captivating capsule collection, this time in collaboration with New York-based shoe designer Irene Gutierrez. True to her Midas touch, the collection achieved remarkable success, selling out in record time.

With each project she undertakes, Doris breathes new life into the creative realm, injecting style, beauty, and art into the digital landscape through visually striking and editorially-based content delivered consistently. Her journey, marked by passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity, continues to captivate and inspire her global audience. Doris Hambleton, a luminary in her own right, transcends the boundaries of conventional influence, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.